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Points Race Prediction 2008-2009 season: 71-80

This is an interesting bunch here in my ongoing predictions of this year's points race. I've got people jumping up and down all over the place. The ones that jump out are probably Sakic, Antropov and Cogliano. Sakic is so low down because I'm not expecting him to play the whole season. Either he will join late or get injured. I just feel that there's a higher chance of that then him actually playing a full season. Cogliano and Antropov will jump because their teams need them. If Sundin leaves Toronto, who else are they going to have turn to? Jason Blake? I like Cogliano making a jump in production this year because he's older and maturer. He's also going to be at the top of the depth chart - he is a big part of that team's future. It seems like just a few days ago that we were watching him on Team Canada.

71. S. Kozlov, 62 points
72. Cogliano, 62 points
73. Antropov, 62 points
74. Wolski, 62 points
75. McDonald, 62 points
76. Satan, 61 points
77. Boyes, 61 points
78. Michalek, 61 points
79. Dumont, 61 points
80. Sakic, 61 points