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Bam. Three for Four on the Round Two Predictions.

My second round predictions were as follows: Chicago in six, Penguins in seven, Red Wings in five, Boston in six.

Well, I got the first two perfect. Woo for me.

Red Wings? It wasn't as easy as I imagined, but they still got the job done.

Boston just fell short of an amazing recovery after going down 3-1 in the series. This series showed that both teams involved have a lot of faults to them. Unfortunately for the Penguins, that doesn't include goaltending. No more feasting on rookie netminders in the third round.

So now we turn the page, and head right into round three. Here are the predictions.

Penguins and Hurricanes match up in what will be a very exciting series. Two disciplined teams with similar makeups. Both teams can win this series, but only one can advance. I'm going to say Penguins in six.

Looking West, we have the vets versus the kids. Can you guess what my prediction is going to be? Yes, the Red Wings. But don't be surprised if next season the Blackhawks are the better team. I have to think experience wins out, and hence I will take Red Wings in six.

Man oh man, that would mean Red Wings versus Penguins in the finals. What a poor sap Hossa would look like if the Penguins won.


Tavvy said...

Pens in 7, Wings in 5