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Brayden Schenn on Leafs Radar; Final Predictions

I went two for two in my Conference finals predictions taking Detroit and Pittsburgh. But virtually all writers took those two teams. Now they're on again for a Stanley Cup rematch which is sure to be filled with excitement.

Without further ado, my final prediction for this years Stanley Cup Finals...Pittsburgh in seven games.

I know not many people are taking the Penguins in this matchup, but I've just got a feeling. They're a good team that can beat anyone on a good day. And as long as the Red Wings are ailing, that's what I'd call a 'good day'. Penguins will win, but they'll do so with a bit of luck on the way. They're surely going to need it, and I'm sure many Red Wings fans will refer to this finals as 'the Cup that got away'.


Just under a month now until the NHL entry draft. Just like all Leafs fans, I'm filled with excitement over what Brian Burke might do on draft day.

However, there is still the distinct possibility that Burke doesn't move up. Today he spoke with the National Post, telling them that he's keen on Brayden Schenn and may be targeting him too. I suppose when you've given yourself a massive task in trying to get John Tavares, you may as well have a decent backup plan.

"We like [Schenn] irrespective of his lineage," he said. "But the fact that he's Luke's brother has some appeal." That's what many Leafs fans are saying too.

When the Stanley Cup finals conclude, I will make my predictions for the results of the first round of the entry draft. It's going to be a fun four weeks.

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