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Could Blake Be Moved? Don't Underestimate Burke

The one player who seems to have eluded all trade rumours this time of year has been Jason Blake. After all, the media pounded the idea into our minds that his contract is unmovable, based on his current and past performances. However, Jason Blake has been one of the Leafs best players this past month, and definitely one of the best left wingers.

Would a team even dare taking on Blake's contract of four million a season for the next two years? Well, looking at the forwards who may or may not be available at the March trade deadline, some GM just might be crazy enough to take on Blake.

Remember how Mark Bell was packaged by San Jose in the Toskala trade? Well that was so the Sharks were free of a player who was facing DUI charges. Do not be surprised if Brian Burke can come up with a scheme to rid the Leafs of Blake.

The fact is that Blake could indeed become effective in certain situations (why not put him on Crosby's wing?), and whatever burden another GM may want to shed, such as a cap restriction, the cap-wealthy Leafs are a place where such a player could be dumped off.

Who knows what has gotten into Blake recently, but he's been racking up the points like his life depends on it. Maybe the gap between his performance and his salary isn't so vast after all. Yes, he's not a four million dollar performer, but then again, neither is Mike Commodore.

There are foolish, desperate GMs out there.

Don't doubt it. What does everyone think?