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Will the Leafs Name a Captain This Season?

That's the question I'm asking you in this week's poll.

To be honest, I have no idea why Ron Wilson hasn't done this yet. One of the things he has constantly called his team out for is their lack of consistency and leadership.

Seeing how proud Ron Wilson is of himself, it's hard to explain why he hasn't created some sort of leadership hierarchy to give his team a bit more form. While the topic of naming a captain this year has gone out the window ever since Wilson chose a system of rotating assistants, it's not too farfetched to imagine he wants a captain while the going gets tough for his team in the second half.

Then again, if you're Wilson, you don't know how long your leaders are going to be sticking around. Both Kubina and Kaberle have attracted interest from clubs around the NHL, while other potential leaders such as Dominic Moore and Jamal Mayers might not necessarily be in the team's long term plans.

It's certainly not easy to predict what will happen in this second half, but if I'm the coach I want the players taking a bit more responsibility.

Last week's poll results are in, and a staggering majority (four people) of you believe the Leafs will finish between 20th and 25th overall. That's not an unreasonable prediction, seeing how the Leafs have spent most of the season in this range.

Anyways, please vote on the new poll. Also, read my power rankings. I don't know how many people actually know it exists yet.

A quote from yesterday I liked, by Mike Ulmer of mapleleafs.com as he referred to the Leaf's rebuilding plans. "How much time will this take? We are talking about a wait that began in 1967. The cavalry, relatively speaking, is just over the hill. What we do not yet know is the size of the hill."