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Tavares Tire Kicking

Last night Howard Berger wrote on his blog that the asking price for the 2nd overall pick is our first rounder, Schenn and Kaberle. However, he described this as a 'loud whispering', likely meaning it hasn't come from any official source.

This is also the case with the speculation that Victor Hedman is the favourite of the Islanders brass. In fact, once Pierre LeBrun mentioned it on Hockey Night in Canada, publications started to spin it that LeBrun's claims were more than just speculation.

Unfortunately, the information we get online is tailored in specific ways and is shot around the internet in lightbeams, ending up twisted and garbled when it reaches its destination. But such is the reality with Tavares speculation, because like a game of telephone, everyone is part of a long chain of information sharing.

So Schenn, Kaberle and our 7th for Tampa Bay's 2nd overall pick? How does that sound?

Give me a break.

While the price will be high for the second overall pick, its hard to imagine anyone, even Burke, making a ridiculous trade like that for a player who hasn't played a single game in the NHL.

It's even more ridiculous that these two rumours, firstly that the Islanders want Hedman and secondly that Tampa Bay have set a price for the #2 pick, have been connected as one in a sort of Grand Strategy of Burke's.

I don't know how anyone can say Garth Snow is leaning towards Hedman. Especially since, as I wrote last week, the Islanders are hosting a first overall pick promotion. This clearly stands as evidence that the Islanders management are on the same page as its fans: Tavares would be the best selection in this years draft.

I'm in no position to say whether or not Brian Lawton has set an asking price for the #2 pick. I can tell you this though: Schenn is going nowhere. Kaberle perhaps. Our #7, certainly.

But as the Leafs management has said, you can't fill one hole by creating others. Certainly not when you don't even know if Tavares or Hedman will be left on the board at the second pick.

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Goosepoo said...

yeah agree, absolute bollocks