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Leafs and Bruins Closing in on a Deal?

UPDATE: Burke denies the rumour.

Reports yesterday indicate that the Boston Bruins are working on a deal to pluck Tomas Kaberle from the Leafs.

Allegedly, the offer presented was a 1st and 3rd rounder in 2009, as well as Joe Colborne, the Bruins first pick in the 2008 entry draft.

Colborne was the 16th pick overall at the draft. He's got the size, but doesn't play an overly physical game. He's a work in progress, that's for sure.

The fact is that Burke hasn't exactly jumped at this offer. Which is good for us, because what we'd be getting here simply isn't enough. Colborne is unproven, and the Bruins pick in this year's draft will be late in the first round - outside the realm of sure-fire NHLers, and into the one of calculated risk.

This is good news, though. This is closer to what the Leafs want, and shows that the GMs get the message - the Leafs want a BIG package for Kaberle. It'll be exciting to see what gets thrown at us in the days to come.