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Tlusty is Still Blasting

Jiri Tlusty already took AHL player of the month of February, but he wasn't stopping there.

The Toronto Marlies beat the Providence Bruins 6-4 last night. Or should I say, Tlusty beat the Providence Bruins. He had a point in all six of our goals - two goals and four assists.

Jiri Tlusty was the Leafs first pick in the 2006 draft - thirteenth overall. He has bounced between the Marlies and Leafs since last season, but has for the most part remained in the AHL with Ron Wilson behind the bench.

While success in the AHL doesn't always translate into success at the next level, let's not forget that Tlusty wasn't impressing anyone when he broke into the AHL two years ago. Now, that's another story.

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