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Leafs Basically Eliminated, Pogge Project Sputtering?

With the Leafs loss against the Buffalo Sabres Saturday night, the team became as close as it's possible to being eliminated from the playoffs. Essentially, the Leafs need to go 6-0 in their last six games, and Florida and Montreal need to lose all of their games for us to make the cut. There were a few calls for a playoff run not so long ago, but the longer the season progressed, the more clear the team's fate became.

It was unfortunate, again on Saturday, to watch Justin Pogge struggle so mightily. He let in six goals and was pulled in the second period. Curtis Joseph swapped in, a reversal of the previous evening in which Joseph was yanked for Pogge. In both cases, the relief netminder shut the door fairly well and let in only one goal.

It sucks to see Pogge fail so miserably, but it's not as if this loss told us anything we didn't know already - he's not ready for the NHL. Some, including Howard Berger, believe that Pogge's try with the Leafs may be coming to an end, with Burke likely opting to sign a proven goalie and move forward from there. I can see that happening, but I also don't think they're throwing the towel in on Pogge by any means.

Pogge was sent down to the minors, but will likely return to back up Joseph in Wednesday night's tilt against the Flyers. Or maybe the management is going to take their chances starting Olaf Kolzig, perhaps?

To quote Pension Plan Puppets, referring to a picture of Joseph coming on for Pogge, "Is that a has been going in for a never was? God I hope not."