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Moore Saga Will be Over Soon

As things stand, Dominic Moore has not yet budged on his estimated request of 2.5 to 3 million a year.

Leafs GM Brian Burke has apparently tabled a 1.5 million contract for, it's believed, three years.

Burke's team formula includes two bottom lines of inexpensive plumbers that play a good, hard two-way game. Dominic Moore, understandably, wants to see himself as a bit more than that. And I'll give him credit, I've watched him play since he was on the Penguins, and I saw a guy with some really nice hands. He likes to think of himself as a third liner who can jump on the powerplay.

He's looking for Darcy Tucker money for those extra intangibles he brings to the team. Just ask Ryan Malone, the king of that business. A hard worker with the willingness to go to the net, sacrifice his body for his team, hit, shoot and go into the corner. All that landed him a 4.5 million a year contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Apparently Burke doesn't want to pay that kind of money for a guy who would likely be relegated to the fourth line in years to come.

Moore had better play his cards right, or he might end up like Anson Carter who pushed for that big three million contract and ended up playing himself right out of the NHL.

Hopefully the saga can be resolved tonight so Burke can consider offers. You have to think if Burke doesn't come to a solution by early evening, he'll tell Moore to pack a suitcase before he turns out the light.

UPDATE: Dominic Moore will sit out tonights game against the New Jersey Devils. As will Nik Antropov. Looks like we've seen the last of Nik in the Blue and White, and possibly Moore.