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Leafs Settle for Seventh Pick

The Leafs played their last game of the season against their provincial and divisional rivals, the Ottawa Senators. What should have been a satisfying way to finish the season turned out to be a large headache for some hoping the Leafs would move up in the draft.

Last night, the team just needed to lose against the Seantors and have Pheonix and Los Angeles win, in order to find ourselves slipping into the 5th overall pick in the entry draft. That would have then given us a marginal, 8% chance at winning the first overall pick. While the two other teams won their games against much better opponents, the Leafs found a way to win theirs, negating the other two team's advances in the standings.

So the Leafs will enter the draft with all likelihood the 7th overall pick, unless we win the draft lottery with a 4% chance of getting moved up to the 3rd pick.

Last night's win should have been a vindication to most Leafs fans. We have a nack for beating the Senators when the teams meet up last, whether it's in the regular season on playoffs. It was a storybook finish to an otherwise meaningless season. Boyd Deveraux capped his poor season off with a hattrick effort to push the Leafs over the Senators one more time, and just like that it's golfing season for both clubs.

Many people are upset that we don't get that 8% shot at Tavares, a better chance at a franchise player than winning a doughnut with your next Roll Up The Rim To Win coffee.

Let's be realistic, though. Is Burke's rebuilding plan going to rely on the luck of a bingo-style lottery draw? Or is he, like many GMs before him, going to build a contender by taking the situation that's presented to him?