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Burke Openly States He's Fixed on Tavares; What Now?

The New York Islanders won the draft lottery tonight, giving them rights to select first overall in this year's entry draft.

I've said all along that the Islanders haven't made up their mind on whether they want Tavares or Hedman. If they're really fixed on Tavares, which might be the case as an Islanders representative has been spending a lot of time in London with Tavares and the Knights, then I'm not sure Burke can do anything to wrestle the top pick from Garth Snow's hands.

Then again, Burke has been through this before. In Hartford, he was able to move up to the 2nd spot to grab Chris Pronger, and with Vancouver he moved up to get both of the Sedin twins. As Jim Kelley reports, Burke is not blowing hot air when he says he wants Tavares.

It's hard to imagine what it's going to take to land him, but believe me Burke will mount one hell of a campaign.

Leafs fans, be ready to see Burke overpay for Tavares. Keep in mind, if you want to see this team being led by a top end offensive talent for years to come, then you should be cheering Burke all the way along.


Goosepoo said...

I don't see anyone being able to overpay for this guy. He's top flight talent and has amazing potential. I would do what I could to get him, get the nhl exp under his belt and then try to build the franchise around him.