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Tavares Tuesday: When the Finalists Cash Their Coins

Note from Goose: Today we are joined by Bradley Garton who will be discussing the Leafs bleak Tavares hopes. I found him on the street and got him to write this post on a piece of paper. This is what he said.

Afternoon folks. With all the draft draw mayhem Goose has been out tracking the final seconds in the race for the Tavares Cup. That being said, I've been drafted to fill in the void between postings; I figure it's the least I can do, the best being my incarceration for the alleged tampering of bingo machines.

So, at long last, Toronto's race for the Tavares Cup has come to a statistical, if not definite, close. It's at this point where, looking back, I think we may all have pressed our imaginations a little too hard against the cold, hard wall of reality; that Tavares is about as likely to become a Leaf as Evgeni Malkin is to be nominated into the House of Commons. This isn't to say we were wrong for dreaming, just that those bright, puffy clouds bearing the number 61 paved the way to much sadder, smaller figures.

Feeling obligated to do what I can to help the fans, I've been doing my best to keep the dream going. Investigating the rules for the draft lottery I learned there are 1001 possible draw combinations and that only 1000 of these are assigned to the bottom 14 teams. So, I called up the big guy Gary Bettman with the hopes that if that one extra number is drawn, John will be evenly distributed between all 30 teams for the 2009-2010 season.

So far he hasn't returned my calls, but my hopes are high.

So keep your chins up folks, and to John: I hope you're looking forward to the 8 periods you may just be spending with us next year.