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Congrats, Luke Schenn

There isn't anything better to me in pro sports than watching a wide-eyed rookie with a smile across his face the size of the Atlantic after his first taste at success in the bigs. As a hockey fan, when a young player scores his first NHL goal he's like a kid on Christmas morning. Try wiping that smile off his face!

It was Christmas for Leafs rookie Luke Schenn last night. He picked up the puck from the side boards near the end of the first period and fired off a wrist shot, Luke Schenn style, just looking to get the puck on net. And what do you know? It squeaked through, giving him his first career NHL goal.

The reaction was something to behold, both on the ice and on the bench, from Luke and from his teammates. It's obvious to even the most casual observer that the kid is well-loved, as with every bit of success he experiences, his teammates celebrate with him. As his smile spreads, so his teammates smile. And as he lifted his arms in jubilation at the first milestone of his young career, the spirit of his teammates rose as well. As he sat on the bench through the commercial time out, soaking it all in, he couldn't wipe the childlike grin off his face.

There's nothing like it. Soak it up, Luke; enjoy it for all it's worth and never forget the joy you felt in that moment. It is one of many milestones you'll get to in your career, but it will be one of the sweetest. So etch it permanently into your memory and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You deserve it.

Merry Christmas, kid.