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News: Pogge Called Up Again for Buffalo Rematch

Justin Pogge was called up to the Toronto Maple Leafs today, and may be starting in net against the Buffalo Sabres.

This is interesting because Pogge's last start was against the Sabres. It will also be the first time he plays in front of the home crowd at the ACC. This is not a coincidence, as the Leafs management continues to cross-examine his strengths and weaknesses in certain situations.

It will be good for him to play again versus the Sabres. Perhaps he can get into his groove against an opponent he's faced before. The pressure will be on, now that he's playing in front of disgruntled Leafs fans.

In his last outing he made 40 saves against the Buffalo Sabres despite getting very little defensive help.

This is his third NHL start, as he continues to be brought up to start single games and then returned to the AHL to play for the Marlies.

UPDATE: Pogge will be with the team for at least a week. There are three games in that span, and Pogge will be at least practicing with the Leafs. Leafs prospect James Reimer will be taking Pogge's place in goal for the Marlies.

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