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Yea Moore, Nay Antropov; Schenn Picks Up

Yesterday, Brian Burke once again surprised nobody by opening his mouth when asked what's on his mind.

He told the media yesterday that the team is likely to negotiate a new contract with Dominic Moore, and seek to find a new home for Nik Antropov, who becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer.

As I wrote in January, these two actions are no surprise. Moore knows his role. So does Antropov, but he is, at best, the poor man's first liner.

Howard Berger wrote that it might not be the best policy to show his disregard for one of his players, in terms of trying to maximize Nik's trade value. This is partially true, seeing how teams now know that Burke is pressured to make a move now. But that doesn't change the fact - we're talking about Brian Burke.

Spector reports that it's hardly news to GMs that Antropov is on the block. I agree that a few loose cannon comments out of Burke's mouth won't affect the way teams percieve Antropov as a player.

And what is also true is that, in a Gaborik-less trade market, Antropov will be a forward sought by many teams.

First Goal Isn't The Only Thing Schenn Picks Up

The Toronto Star reports this morning that Luke Schenn alongside the other rookies were on hook for this year's rookie dinner tab.

"I just ate my steak and watched the guys order what they wanted...I can live with it. You're only a rookie once in the NHL."

It's good to hear about a little team bonding. They've got to get closer as a team if they want to work on their team cohesion going down the stretch. The tough thing is the fact that several of the players at that table might be gone by the end of the month. Such is life in the new NHL though. Just business as usual.