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One Leafs Prospect for the Scrapheap

Reports out today are saying that Dmitry Vorobiev of the KHL, the Leafs fifth round selection in 2004, has been banned from the league due to having a history of heart problems.

This news comes on the heels of the tragic death of player Alexei Cherepanov who collapsed suddenly mid-game due to heart failure. Tighter regulations are being enforced by the league in an effort to rebuild its credibility and accountability, two things the KHL hasn't exactly oozed.

Brian Burke has stated that Vorobiev is not in the Leafs plans anyways. Hockey's Future had ranked Vorobiev the Leaf's #4 prospect, although I often question that website's neglected ranking system.

Quite a crop of youngsters we have ready to jump into the NHL, eh? Truly pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Vorobiev, was drafted in the fifth round 157 overall... Not that it matters anyway. Just thought I would let you know...


Peter Morrow said...

Nice catch...I thought it sounded wrong. The article I cited says that Vorobiev is a first rounder for some reason.