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Tank for Duchene?

Just thought I'd mention an article I found on ESPN about Matt Duchene. It talks about why he sticks out (or doesn't, for that matter).

So for all the folks who are starting to see that the Leafs really might have to settle for the third pick in the draft, it's not all doom and gloom. I would be extremely happy if the Leafs could get Duchene. I'm sure he's a guy that Burke would like too.

He isn't a player who would have an impact immediately, but he's the kind that could blossom into that go-to guy down the road (think: Jeff Carter, Mike Richards).

Of course, once you're in that bottom five, you're part of the lottery system in which all five have a chance at the first overall pick. We just need to stay in that pack and we're gold. Anything can happen!


Reports today are saying that Justin Pogge will be back in net for the Leafs when they host the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday. This is another home game for Pogge, and he'll want to rebound from second straight loss to the Sabres, and third straight loss in total.

Pogge played well against the Sabres, except in the first part of the opening period. To be honest he just doesn't look ready for the NHL level, and he has a lot of holes in his game.

One notable problem is how early he goes down, which gives the shooter more time to aim upstairs. Hopefully with time he can play the style that he prefers, not necessarily what the NHL goalie coaches are telling him to do.

It's believed that the coaches are reluctant to start Joseph, so we may not see him play for a long time. The only reason Pogge isn't the backup is because Burke thinks he doesn't 'deserve' to be in the NHL, just yet. Probably good not to hand Pogge an NHL job until he can prove he is the real deal.

It's also widely believed that Burke will re-sign Pogge in the summer, when he becomes an RFA.


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