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Sundin Night in Canada

Well folks, the night has come. Mats Sundin returns to the Air Canada Center, except this time he wont be wearing a Leaf on his jersey. He will be wearing a big C with a whale stuck on it.

My one wish is that the Leafs fans show some class and cheer him. I'm divided over whether the fans at the Air Canada Center will boo or cheer. One part of me is saying that there's no way a Leafs legend such as Sundin could be booed. But another part tells me that the 'betrayal' of Sundin is still fresh in the minds of Leafs fans.

Instead of thinking the fans will cheer, or they will boo, I'll go for a mixture of the two.

I think at the end of the day Sundin will be loved by this city and respected as one of the greatest to don the uniform. Maybe not among the greatest players ever, but out of this franchise, he's been one of the best.

No matter how they treat Sundin on Saturday night, he'll know how the city really feels about him. He knows that if the team was still a competitor, he'd be sitting on the other bench, ready to slog his guts out for the Blue and White.

There's a reason he said this would be 'just another game'. It's because he's going to block all of the negative out, and finish his career with class. He'll get a chance to reflect when he hangs up the skates.

The Toronto Sun is asking Leafs fans to cheer for Sundin. I'd say he deserves it too. However, I just don't know how many ACC attendees they'll be able to reach out to in time.


Anonymous said...

I think fans with a bit of class will cheer..mind you not all Leafs fans fit into that bracket :P