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Kaberle's List of 10 Teams

News reports came out yesterday stating that Tomas Kaberle would go to the Boston Bruins if the right offer was tabled.

This is actually not news at all, because Kaberle's list is apparently comprised of Eastern Conference teams. Whether there is any exception to that is uncertain.

Here is, likely, *drum roll please* what Kaberle's big bad top ten list looks like:

1. Boston Bruins
2. Washington Capitals
3. New Jersey Devils
4. Philadelphia Flyers
5. Montreal Canadiens
6. Florida Panthers
7. Buffalo Sabres
8. New York Rangers
9. Pittsburgh Penguins
10. Carolina Hurricanes

Look familiar? Now let's look at the possibility of each one of these teams trading with Kaberle.

Boston Bruins - Whether Boston could package a good enough deal to land Kaberle is unknown. What the Leafs would be glad to have: Brad Marchand and a pick.

Washington Capitals - Certainly would be a nice addition for Washington, but nobody said Washington needed powerplay help either. Leafs would be glad to have: 1st and Sami Lepisto or another pick.

New Jersey Devils - Rumours were that the Devils might try to bring back Niedermayer, so if and when that doesn't happen they could go for Kaberle. Leafs would be glad to have: 1st and Matthias Tedenby/Matt Corrente.

Philadelphia Flyers - It's not clear whether Timmonen is enough to get the Flyers deep into the playoffs, or through the neutral zone, for that matter. This is the same scenario as last year, in which the Flyers offered Carter and a first. What they could put together really depends. They're tight against the cap, so would Burke even talk if the Flyers wanted to send him a large salary? Leafs would be glad to have: Claude Giroux and a pick.

Montreal Canadiens - You can cross these guys off the list because Gainey couldn't wait and signed Matthieu Schneider.

Floriday Panthers - Can anyone say Kaberle-Bouwmeester blockbuster? Florida gets a guy who's already signed, and has already shown how well he mixes with Bryan McCabe. Florida may be forced to unload Bouwmeester, so who knows what could happen. Leafs would be glad to have: Jay Bouwmeester, but it would take more than just Kaberle. Kaberle and Antropov for Bouwmeester? Still might take more than that. Okay, Kaberle, Antropov and a 2nd round pick. Is that enough yet? If the answer is no, I hang up at this stage. If Bouwmeester couldn't happen, the Leafs could try to get Ellerby which has apparently fallen a bit out of favour with the Panthers brass.

Buffalo Sabres - They've got enough cap space, and Kaberle could fit nicely. Leafs would be glad to have: Nathan Gerbe and 1st.

New York Rangers - No cap space. They won't get it done. They're screwed in this situation. Wade Redden is to this season what Bryan McCabe was to last.

Pittsburgh Penguins - Kaberle would look great in a Pens uniform. The already potent offence wouldn't say no to Kaberle, but the priority will probably be to find a winger for Crosby. Leafs would be glad to have: Alex Goligoski and 1st. Goligoski rumours have been circulating already, as well as Whitney.

Carolina Hurricanes - They could use the boost as they're a borderline playoff team. Leafs would be glad to have: Zach Boychuk, which is a pipedream slightly. Otherwise I don't think Canes could put together a good enough offer.

Who's really in contention to land Kaberle here? My opinion, and this is pure speculation, is that the teams with the best chance at Kaberle are the Flyers, Panthers, Sabres and Devils. Barring that, perhaps a Western team will throw an offer at Burke.

Anything can happen.