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Battle of Not-hockey-o; Leafs Chasing Mediocrity?

I'd like to take this opportunity to shoot down two stupid topics that have been beaten to death by the mainstream media since the lockout.

STORY NUMBER ONE: The Battle of Ontario Isn't Good Any More!

Well, thanks for that update. I've read about four articles in the last few days informing me that the Battle of Ontario is just not the way it was before. Really? I figured that since the Maple Leafs haven't made the playoffs in four years and haven't played a playoffs series against the Senators in longer, that notion would have faded into the background.

No, since the Senators have joined the Leafs in the basement of the Eastern Conference, apparently the story has new legs to it.

STORY NUMBER TWO: The Leafs are Mediocre and Won't Get a Good Draft Pick!

The Leafs have won three games, and they've taken teams to overtime for five straight. Thus, they apparently are going to go on an amazing winning streak from now until the end of the season. This story is clearly employed to upset the ever volatile Leafs fans, who get pulled up and down, left and right by the media whenever the Leaf's direction in the standings is uncertain.

For a while, the media was relatively quiet about things because the Leafs were consistently bad. But now that we're seeing some turbulence, it's time for the Toronto media to blow things out of proportion.


Found an article in the Vancouver Sun regarding the nonsense which is the trade deadline. If you're wondering why the GMs of the NHL are as silly as they are this time of year, Brian Burke has your answer.